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Here we give you something for free now, to start earning some coins without investment. But with our Bitcoin Generator Pack you can really start making serious amounts of various cryptocurrencies, precious metals, worthful art and FIAT money!
Everyone can become our VIP-member who can use our Bitcoin Generator Pack for free forever!
If you want to become our VIP-member, and see (again) what you exactly will get for that, just go back to our homepage and read.
You can always find a link to our homepage and the donation page in the header menu on top of our website.
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Start with this.

You all probably know that, at the moment, the blockchain is experiencing record usage, resulting in longer confirmation times and extremely high minerís fees for transactions, making Bitcoin much less interesting for mining and earning little amounts of this cryptocurrency. Therefore we made a plan to go earn Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash instead.
First of all, of course, it comes to the storage of your profits, and here we advice you to open an account with CoinPayments It would be too much to tell you here why, you should see for yourself.
More than 115 various cryptocurrencies, you can hold !!
With zero-confirm plugins and manual or auto coin conversions in your dashboard. Also with integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies, and many merchant tools as well.
You can protect your coins in the vault (cold storage), and this we like very much!
Only 0.5% deposit fee, and that is something we definitely like!
Click to create an account
Now you can create different wallets, but for our plan,you start with Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH) and Bitcoin (BTC).
You should use your CoinPayments account to receive all your profits and exhange or withdraw them if you want. If you like to withdraw (which we do not recommend), you should exchange your coins to FIAT money first, from within your account.
Okay,.. now you're ready for our Coin Generation Plan.

Time to earn and mine some coins!

We advice you to start with CoinPot.

So first of all you should create an account with CoinPot, to arrange your payments. They have no referral program, they're just a gateway.
You can choose between 5 different kind of coins that you can earn: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Dash, while you can convert them as well.
Click this banner below to go to CoinPot and create account:
Click to go to CoinPot
Once you've created an account, you can even go for mining these coins, by using the power of your own computer!
But you can also collect a much bigger amount of Bitcoins (which you'll later exchange), with the options of the next programs below, that all use CoinPot as their payment gateway, so you should use the same email address that you also use for CoinPot.
Be aware that other windows will open or pop-up. Just claim your coins, don't play the games and immediately close the windows. There's even one Bitcoin Generator pop-up, be aware that this is not ours!!! They stole our name and they're a SCAM program as well.

Extra:For EVERY faucet claim, you will get 3 FREE CoinPot Tokens!
Moonbit: up to 125 Satoshi every 5 min.

MoonCash: 0.00000018 BCH every 5 min.

Moondoge: up to 15 DOGE every 5 min.

Moonliteco: up to 4500 Litoshi every 5 min.

Moondash: 0.00000027 DASH every 5 min.

Bitfun: up to 200 Satoshi every 5 min.

BonusBitcoin: up to 5,000 Satoshi every 15 min.

Make sure you close all windows of the faucets, after your claims, including the ones they opened in your browser! Otherwise they keep using your processors (CPU), making your computer much slower!

Optionally: With these faucet below you can to top-up your CoinPot DOGE wallet. Your can find your CoinPot DOGE deposit wallet in your dashboard. Use that wallet for these faucets below.
FreeDoge: up to 18 DOGE every hour. Withdrawal every Sunday or Instant to CoinPot address!. Alter your settings!

FreeDogecoin: Up to 16 Dogecoins at least every 2 hours. Withdrawal on Sundays, min. 50 DOGE to CoinPot address. Alter your settings in your profile!

DogeFaucet: 0.06088978 DOGE every 3 hours. Withdrawal min. 20 DOGE to your CoinPot wallet.

777Doge: 0.38 DOGE or more, every 60 min. together with Faucetdog and Cryptority. Withdrawal min. 10 DOGE.

MyDoge: 0.02 DOGE or more, as often as you like. Withdrawal min. 100 DOGE every Sunday.

Instant-Doge: 0.03 DOGE or more every 5 min. 10 DOGE signup bonus. Withdrawal min. 125 DOGE.

Once you've made a certain amount of coins, you can convert them into the coin of your choice, within your CoinPot dashboard, and withdraw them to your CoinPayments wallets! CoinPot doesn't charge you ANY withdrawal fee!!
But what we do, is convert all coins to DOGE, and once we reach the amount of 50 DOGE or more, we're going to withdraw them to our Eobot DOGE deposit address and exchange them for Ripples, which we will show you next, below.
You can find a lot of more faucets, if you scroll down to the end of this page.

Let's mine some Ripples (XRP) now.

With EOBOT faucet

Eobot is the easiest, cheapest, and best way to earn or mine various cryptocurrencies, but we are going to get our Ripples here! And we can make some 0.00241905 Ripples every claim without investments!
First create an account with them. Click this banner below to create your account and get ready to earn your Ripples.
Click to view

Then you click "account" in the blue head menu on top. You will see your user account number, and just below that you'll also see "Mining" on the left, and "display currency" on the right side. Now set mining to: XRP (ripple)!! and set display currencey to whatever you want.
Next, you find "products" in the blue head menu on top, click that and find "faucet" in the pull-down menu. Click faucet, wait a few seconds to let the reCaptcha load in your browser, and scroll a little bit down to find the reCaptcha that you should solve. Do this and claim your faucet reward of 0.002 up to 0.005 XRP every day.
Now click "account" again in the blue head menu on top,.. and check your Ripple balance. You'll see it's there,.. and you can do this every day again!! Once you have enough Ripples, you click "user" in the blue head menu on top, and click "withdraw" in the pull-down menu. But we recommend you NOT to withdraw, because we're going to collect Ripples!   #HODL
Next we will show you how to find your Eobot deposit wallet address for Ripples. Therefore go to "user" en click "deposit". Since you're mining Ripples with the Eobot faucets, you'll see your Ripple deposit address here, with the destination tag (which is your user number). Just copy and safe this address and destination tag, and below we will explain more about it.
Do the same thing for other deposit addresses, and first create a BTC and a DOGE deposit address here too. And see there's no fee for deposits to Eobot.

Earn Ripples now.

Note: XRP addresses require a minimum of 20 XRP to be an active account. Withdrawals to a XRP address containing less than 20 XRP will FAIL. But with Eobot you don't need to have 20 XRP in your account in order to make it active!!
You can use your Eobot XRP deposit address, which we already showed you above, to claim your faucets, and you can withdraw all other Ripple faucets or Ripple earnings to your Eobot XRP account! Keep in mind that you can claim an Eobot Ripple faucet every single day!

Now we're even going to get MORE Ripples!

What you're going to do next is: withdraw your DOGES from CoinPot to your Eobot DOGE deposit address. You don't pay deposit fee and only 1 DOGE transaction fee for that.
As soon as you receive the DOGES in your account, you exchange them for Ripples, within your Eobot account.
If you do this 4 times, then you'll have 1 Ripple!   And you can do the same thing for any other coin of your choice of course, but we choose Ripple.

Here you can view a screenshot of our DOGE balance in CoinPot and our withdrawal request at 07:14 h. CoinPot suggested a processing time of 48 hours, but here you can see that we already received our Dogecoins, some 8 hours later in our Eobot wallet, without any fee! You also see the initial Ripple balance.
Next we ordered the exchange of our Dogecoins to Ripples in our Eobot account, while we paid a little fee of 5%. Finally, only minutes later, you can see our Ripple balance with the result of our exhange. And just only a few days later we exchanged DOGES again, plus another faucet and so, in the end, 5 days later, we reached the amount of 1.025 Ripple !!   It's just that easy!
You only should take note of the fact that, after clicking "exchange" in the menu of your Eobot account, you should scroll all the way down, below the coins display, to find the exchange options. Whatever you want to do in your Eobot account, like exchange, withdraw, deposit,.. you always should scroll down that way!

Optionally: With these faucet below you can to top-up your Eobot BTC deposit address. Later you can exchange these Bitcoins for Ripples.
FreeBitco: about 18 Satoshi every hour. Withdrawal every Sunday or Instant to your Eobot deposit address!. Every visit you'll also get 2 free lottery tickets.

FreeBTCmine: 50 Satoshi every 13 minutes. Withdrawal min. 50000 Satoshi, to your Eobot deposit address!.

SatoshiLoad: 10 spins on signup and 2 free spins every 23 minutes. Withdrawal button appears when you reach 0.005 BTC When you finished your activities in Eobot, you should close the window!!

Other Ripple faucets

There are only quite a few Ripple faucets, and we are still looking for them and testing some faucets.
Until so far we found 2 good ones. Only the frequency of these faucets is 60 minutes.
Note:When you type your Ripple deposit address, then include your destination tag as part of your XRP address in the following format: xrpaddress-destinationtag = e.g. rCoinaUERUrXb1aA7dJu8qRcmvPNiKS3d-12345678 !!!

Coinfaucet You can claim Ripples every hour.

XRP faucet
Now you can also mine Ripples with their Ripple webminer! You can find it in your account, once you've claimed your faucet and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.
You must login once in a month, to keep your account active!

Let's earn more Ripples now.

With EarnCrypto

EarnCrypto is a platform where you can do some different tasks to earn Ripple. We recommend doing the data entry job. First you have to do some lessons and after that, you can start doing the typing job and immediately earn Ripples.
The earnings are quite good for the job and we're sure that you definitely will like this platform! Even if you have no Ripple wallet yet, you can collect your Ripples until you have one.
If you get used to do the data entry job, then it's actually so easy and way better than faucets because here there are zero ads and zero pop-ups whatever! Our whole team likes it because everyone can type very fast, but you should really read the guide first!
Sometimes there's some kind of delay when it comes to counting your correct data entries, but eventually they show up.
Some advice: 1) If you're not sure what to type, don't type anything but just click "next", this way it will not count your entry. 2) Don't forget to type the "+" for international phone numbers! 3) When you see an @ in the email address, then type all what you see, if there's no @ in the email address, then don't type anything, but just click "next". Okay, have fun!!
Once you're creating your account you should choose the coin that you want to earn. Then choose Ripple, because you're going to earn Ripples now!!
Click this banner below to create your account and get your Ripples.
Click to view

Let your computer earn up to $1800 p/m for you!

With Computta

This is a real awesome piece of software, and that's why we mention this as the second option.
Let it work for you, while you work out the rest of our Coin Generation Plan below.
No payments, no fees, no investment needed at all.
Click the banner below to view how much YOUR computer can earn for you, and download the software for free.
Click to view

Earn Bitcoins while using Google Chrome!

With CryptoTab

Welcome CryptoTab browser, the world's first web browser with built-in bitcoin mining and up to 8 times better revenue compared to mining with Google Chrome extension. Invite your friends, family and associates by your personal link and make many times more money! Get more than 1 BTC per month! Develop the network and get your rewards!
Click to view

Use our bots for free!

Click the image below to see them and start earning cryptocurrencies and dollars, full automatic every day.

Click to use our bots for free

Mine coins on your own computer with MinerGate

Simply one of the best desktop miner programs!

It takes only a couple of clicks to start mining cryptocurrencies together with +1 Million people from all over the world.
Get the most profit while mining. Always. Automine coins with the highest exchange rate and squeeze the most profit from your computing power.
Tech gurus all over the world trust them. Because they have 99.97% uptime and the best terms for you.
Withdraw as little as 0.01 coin. Profit straight to your wallet. You can withdraw mined money every day.
Create an account and download the miner for your computer. Therefore go to the header menu on their webpage and click "Downloads". Then start this miner and set your preferences. But we highly recommend you to min Bytecoins (BCN) here, because it's simply the best choice considering the high transaction fees of all other coins. For Bytecoin we paid the withdrawal fee of only 0.02 BCN = 0.00023729 USD !!
So DO NOT activate the smartminer! Only mine Bytecoin(BCN)!! Next you go to the website and login. Click "Dashboard" and you will see your miner active online, and also the performances.
Instead of using the power of your own computer you can also choose cloud mining with Minergate, which needs of course some investment.
Click to view

Now come the serious big ones!

The next programs, are covering almost all of the reliable and stable faucet sites, on the entire internet !!
Use these faucets to earn high revenue, every minute!
And we tell you a secret, which is no secret anymore since we're telling you.   But the hidden secret of all faucet sites is, that they all rely on your own computer's power!
As long as you are on their webpage, they use your CPU and then they pay you something for the time being.
Meaning that they can do whatever they come up with, and keep you busy on their website (including solving Re-captchas, that in our eyes are bullshit items. You see this is only to, so called "protect them against robots visiting their website and systems", but in fact this is THEIR PROBLEM and not your problem, in the first place!! While in the meantime they "steal" your time and thus, use your computer's power, in order to create cryptocurrency and then after all, pay you and us a little revenue/bonus from the profit (they made with YOUR computer)...!!! This is the truth.
Now,.. how's that?? How do you feel now? This is the whole secret. But anyway.... otherwise you (still) wouldn't know how to make money with the power of your computer!!
And there it is. That's also the truth.
As plain as you can get it.   Either you want it, or you don't.

Faucet Hub rotators

FaucetHub offers an enormous huge faucets list, and you can choose different cryptocurrencies.
You should first create an account with them (they're also the payment gateway), furthermore in your dashboard you should go to "wallet addresses" and link your CoinPayments wallets for each currency. Then come back here, where we show you the best faucets, picked from FaucetHub, while these are the least annoying ones, with high payout and a quick timer!
Click this banner below to register with FaucetHub and then come back here.
Click to view

The best faucets from FaucetHub

We advice you, to use 2 different browsers. One for the bitcoin faucet, and one for another cryptocurrency. This way, you don't have to change wallet addresses all the time, and your browser will probably automatically fill out your address, once you've used it.
Now manually rotate these faucets below, for each browser simultaneously or separate, you decide. But the amount of faucets below, is just enough to use roughly 10 minutes of your time (if you don't play games of course). Generally it will take you 30 seconds to finish a faucet. In other words, you can work out this list below and rotate in roughly 10 minutes. Then you can start over again and claim again. You even don't need more links, because you simply cannot finish more links in 10 minutes!
Attention: Remember that many pop-ups/pop-unders will open which you want to close as soon as possible of course, but you should look carefully to avoid closing the window of the faucet that you are running! Also, after solving a captcha, you should in most cases also solve another anti-bot by clicking some links. Just find the claim button and keep clicking it until you receive your credits. Sometimes you should repeat a captcha solving, due to server failure. Anoying but inevitable.
Again: It's very important that you close the faucet window after you claim and withdraw your cryptocurrency!! Each faucet window will namely use the CPU of your own computer. Be aware of that!!
In some cases faucets run out of cryptocurrency and can pay no more. Then try again later and just pick another faucet. Therefore you should watch the health of a faucet when choosing one. For our lists below, we've choosen healthy ones with short frequency, like 5 minutes.
Sometimes they ask you for your bitcoin wallet address while you're in a litecoin or dogecoin faucet,.. yeah, well that's because most faucet owners are stupid brainless fat asses, but anyway, we don't care,.. we're only after their money!!
We choose the coins in the lists below, because they're the fastest growing coins at the moment and/or they have a promising future You better should have them and keep them (don't spend or withdraw them) . The rewards are as high as they were for bitcoin just one year ago! And everyone who claimed BTC at that time, is still very grateful. But of course you can use whatever cryptocurrency you want, and you can choose them from within your FaucetHub account.
However, we selected the least irritating healthy faucets with a relatively short rotation time, varying from 0 to 10 minutes. But it's up to you.

Last but not least,... what can we say? Try to work with your arrow keys as much as you can. And,.. be smart !!
Don't spend your bitcoin earnings, just keep them safe, because that alone is an investment, without any risk !! Or save it here! Mintbuilder (watch their video)

Optionally: With these faucet below you can to top-up your FaucetHub DASH deposit address. Later you can exchange these Bitcoins for Ripples.
FreeDashco: 50 Dash Satoshi every hour. Instant withdrawal to your FaucetHub deposit address!

List: LTC (Litecoin) faucets.

Today we're working on this list, so you should keep refreshing your page today.

Bitcoin-S: up to 500 Litoshi every 5 min.

CryptoClaimer: up to 150 Litoshi every 5 min.

AlinaFaucet: up to 200 Litoshi every 5 min.

ForumCoin: up to 1500 Litoshi every 5 min.

BTCleets: up to 150 Litoshi every 0 min.

MultiCoinFaucet: up to 150 Litoshi every 0 min.

GetDogeCoinsFaucet: up to 1500 Litoshi every 5 min.

BitcoinClub: up to 150 Litoshi every 0 min.

GetFree: up to 300 Litoshi every 10 min.

ForumCoin: up to 540 Litoshi every 5 min.

List: DOGE (Dogecoin) faucets.

PremiumFaucetNetwork: up to 1 DOGE every 5 min.

8raa: up to 0.1 DOGE every 5 min.

MulticoinFaucet: up to 0.03 DOGE every 0 min.

ForumCoin: up to 1 DOGE every 2 min.

FutureBitEarnMore: up to 0.4 DOGE every 0 min.

FuriousCoin: up to 1 DOGE every 5 min.

CryptoClaimer: up to 0.04 DOGE every 2 min.

Konstantinova: up to 0.06 DOGE every 5 min.

xFaucet: up to 0.046 DOGE every 5 min.

Claimulike: up to 0.5 DOGE every 5 min.

vivocoin: up to 0.1 DOGE every 5 min.

WowFaucet: up to 0.02 DOGE every 5 min.

doge.o-bitman: up to 0.6 DOGE every 10 min.

dogecoin.alekscoin: up to 5 DOGE every 10 min.

List: BCH (Bitcoin Cash) faucets.

CoinPanda: up to 500 Satoshi every 5 min.

ClaimBitcoins BCH: up to 500 Satoshi every 5 min.

CoinWhip: up to 500 Satoshi every 5 min.

Bigbtc: 80 Satoshi every 5 min.

ClaimUlike: 100 Satoshi every 5 min.

QueenFaucet: up to 150 Satoshi every 5 min.

Konstantinova: up to 150 Satoshi every 5 min.

ForumCoin: 50 Satoshi every 5 min.

BTCfreebcc: 50 Satoshi every 3 min. 10 - 100 Satoshi every 5 min.

WapServ: 136 Satoshi every 5 min.

VivoCoin: up to 200 Satoshi every 5 min.

MagicBCH: 60 to 1000 Satoshi every 5 min.

AleksCoin: up to 500 Satoshi every 10 min.

Satoshi24: 80 Satoshi every 10 min.

GetFree: instant 25 Satoshi every 5 min.

List: BTC (Bitcoin) faucets.

You'll earn an average of 35 Satoshi per faucet, exccept with CoinPanda.
You can finish this list in roughly 10 minutes in which you can earn about 5000 Satoshi. In 1 hour you can earn about 0.0003 BTC (30,000 Satoshi). If you do a full time job of 8 hours a day, you can earn 0.0024 BTC daily. Today this is worth $15 but you can imagine when Bitcoin rises, what it will be worth after a few years!!

CoinPanda: up to 300 Satoshi every 5 min.

Blockfaucet: 5 Satoshi no time limit. Do it over and over again

ClaimFreeBTC: 50 Satoshi every 5 min.

BTCinBTC: 30 - 80 Satoshi every 5 min.

Bigbtc: up to 80 Satoshi every 5 min.

At-Spot: 10 - 50 Satoshi every 5 min.

FreeSatoshisfh: 20 - 30 Satoshi every 5 min.

CrazySat: 20 - 30 Satoshi every 5 min.

20HK: 10 - 50 Satoshi every 5 min.

BitcoBall: 10 - 50 Satoshi every 5 min.

Gr8: 20 Satoshi every 5 min.

BitLucky: 18 Satoshi every 5 min.

BtcHulk: play to win, without limits.

GetFree: up to 15 Satoshi every 10 min.

ForumCoin: up to 7 Satoshi every 5 min.

ClaimBitcoins: up to 300 Satoshi every 5 min.

LuckyBTCfaucet: 20 Satoshi every 10 min.

EasyBitcoins: 5 Satoshi every 10 min.

These are extra:
Faucet-Crypto-Papa: 120 Satoshi every 15 min.
BitDesire: 30 up to 5000 Satoshi every 40 min.

ClaimBitcoins: 25 - 500 Satoshi every 2 hours.

OneWayFaucet: 50 Satoshi every day.

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